The town is characterized by upscale boutiques that set the pace for high-fashion trends.

Welcome to Wayne

A highly-sought after neighborhood offering the best of peaceful living
Wayne is a picturesque little town in the state of Pennsylvania and one of Philadelphia's highly affluent suburbs. Once the primary shooting location for the 1940 Oscar-winning film, The Philadelphia Story, Wayne carries itself with a delicate charm while upholding a down-to-earth spirit.
At first glance, Wayne appears quaint, but there's a charm hiding beneath the layers waiting to be explored. The town is characterized by upscale boutiques that set the pace for high-fashion trends. Downtown Wayne is home to various spirited restaurants serving local and global cuisines. Wayne features a vibrant transport system and well-maintained roads, and the town's streets are highly walkable.

What to Love

  • Vibrant transport system featuring service trains
  • Abundant natural scenery with exciting views
  • Highly walkable town
  • A blend of beautiful historic homes, ramblers, and split-level homes
  • Elegant dining and shopping amenities

Local Lifestyle

Wayne is located on the Main Line—a series of beautiful and well-fortified Philadelphia suburbs. Thanks to this, Wayne has a suburban and affluent vibe, with the area characterized by luxurious homes. This has seen the community grow steadily and attract many people seeking to reside in a quiet community away from Philadelphia. In addition, Wayne is ideal for people looking to raise families, explore nature, or need a close-knit community where they can thrive.

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

The town of Wayne isn't short of small and large businesses where residents and visitors can shop for fashion accessories, have fun, and dine.
Located near the scenic Brinton Lake, White Dog Cafe is an award-winning restaurant known for its unique American contemporary cuisine. Established in 2010, Wayne has made a name for itself among residents in Wayne for their delicious meals prepared using freshly-grown ingredients. The community vibe, large outdoor patio, and whimsical dog decor interior make it the best spot for a Saturday brunch meal.
The vibe is erratic, but the food and drinks are next-level at The Goats Beard. The restaurant prides itself on serving locally-inspired meals with an extensive array of craft beers and whiskey. All meals are prepared from scratch on-site, and you can taste the freshness with every bite. Rosalie is the perfect embodiment of great food and excellent vibes. Located in the legendary Wayne Hotel, the 90-seat restaurant offers visitors an authentic Italian dining experience combined with the rustic comfort seen in the restaurant's interior decor.
Executive Chef Alessandro Fiorello is the brains behind Alessandro's Wood Fire Italian & Bar, a rustic-themed restaurant offering the best Italian traditional fare. With over 20+ red and white wine collections, Alessandro and his team combine their expertise and knowledge to provide visitors with the best dining experience. Enjoy their famous lamb chops prepared using fresh ingredients for a delightful taste. 
Minnella's diner is an unassuming 24/7 diner specializing in modern American fare. The family-owned restaurant has friendly staff and pocket-friendly prices, which makes this destination a must-visit for a Wayne resident or visitor. Meal preparations are done in-house, and the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Things to Do

From downtown Wayne to the vast Valley Forge National Historic Park, Wayne has plenty of things to do and see.
The 2.4-mile Friends of Radnor Trail Park is part of Radnor Township's vast network of trails. The trail is ideal for walkers, joggers, bikers, or people who want to exercise outdoors. If you're up for sightseeing, the tracks make for scenic views of the neighborhood as it winds through different communities, parks, and open spaces. Be sure to carry a pair of binoculars to catch a glimpse of the Philadelphia skyline.
The Christmas in Wayne festival is an annual community event commemorated by a tree-lighting ceremony and fun-filled activities for the entire family. The festival also hosts an open-air market where you can shop and dine with friends and family.a

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