As far as Philadelphia suburbs are concerned, Glen Mills ranks as one of the best neighborhoods to call home.

Welcome to Glen Mills

A comparatively healthy and sleeky community-focused neighborhood
Located 17 miles west of Philadelphia, Glen Mills is a family-friendly suburb experiencing exponential residential growth in recent years. Thanks to this growth, Glen Mills has seen most middle-class and wealthy people move here to take advantage of the healthy local economy. With about five constituent neighborhoods, Glen Mills is an excellent place to live, with a solid community spirit and great social amenities. As far as Philadelphia suburbs are concerned, Glen Mills ranks as one of the best neighborhoods to call home.

What to Love

  • Access to nature trails and fishing areas
  • Features the largest indoor facility with fun-filled activities
  • Elegant dining options
  • Private golf course with stunning green spaces
  • Beautiful residential homes

Local Lifestyle

The city of Glen Mills is primarily composed of a wealthy and middle-class population. In every season, Glen Mills has something to offer for the avid nature lover. History lovers are in for a treat as Glen Mills is home to a historical museum with relics dating back to the early days of Pennsylvania growth.
Glen Mills features walkable streets with a thriving business economy, home to small and big businesses. Residents can shop, have fun, or dine in many upscale restaurants throughout the town. The town's serenely upscale vibe is augmented with elegant homes and classic mansions built following the best standards of modern architecture. Glen Mills is adaptable to your taste, with a packed calendar of events waiting to be explored.

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

Glen Mills features mostly diverse and upscale businesses where you can shop for your favorite accessories, enjoy excellent and highly nutritious recipes, and have fun.
The best authentic Italian cooking finds its way home at Il Granaio Italian Restaurant, where they turn out tasty meals using freshly produced ingredients. The restaurant allows visitors to bring their wines as they enjoy a meal of their liking. Having brunch at Terrain Cafe is what makes this place a must-visit for residents and visitors in Glen Mills. You'll love their hand-selected meals and a healthy curated beverage menu offering the best from near and far.
Enough cannot be said about the urban eatery beauty that is Avenue Kitchen. Besides a delightful menu offering tasty American cooking, the restaurant's industry-chic-themed interior is warm and inviting and evokes a sense of timelessness.
As soon as you step into Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon, your body begins to relax. This state-of-the-art facility offers professional services in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, such as hair styling, massage, and body exfoliation. 
The Amelia Paris Salon and Spa isn't your average spa salon; it's a center for social grooming, great massage, authentic conversations, and even photography. Unique, trendy, and mystical is how locals in Glen Mills describe The Pink Turtle. Their fancy clothes, unique accessories, and charming vibe make it the best place for the Glen Mills modern woman.

Things to Do

Looking for fresh farm produce? Look no further than Booths Corner Farmers Market. Locals throng this farmers market for a chance to experience the unique shopping experience this market has to offer. Every weekend, you can expect to find various vendors offering numerous products at great prices.
The Glen Mills Fall Harvest Festival is an annual event providing fun-filled activities for the entire family. While each year brings a different theme, the event stays true to its traditions, and visitors can enjoy traditional and modern meals dating from the 18th century to the present day. The 160-acre Newlin Grist Mill Park is perhaps the best place to hike, walk, and learn about Glen Mill's past and present history.


The Garnet Valley School District serves the town of Glen Mills. One notable school in the area includes:
  • Garnet Valley School District, grades K-12

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